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Investment Products and Services
A customized Portfolio Management Service managed by one of India's most experienced Portfolio Managers.
Mutual Fund Advice
A Mutual Fund Advice and distribution service, where based on incisive analysis of fund performance and risks investment advice and distribution are provided.
NRI Investment Advice
Non-Resident Indians can take advantage of the investment opportunities in India by using our investment advisory services for stocks and mutual funds.
Investment Advisor Club
Investment Advice Club
New Investment Advices
An investment analysis service delivered through the internet.
Money Portfolio, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Manager
A boutique wealth management company promoted by one of India's Top Investment Advisors.
Latest Portfolio Management
Portfolio Manager Founder's Message
Stock market Experts -  P N Vijay
Our company has the foresight arising out of experience and the dynamism of youth to provide you a world class wealth management service. Through this website we outline products and services which we offer to investors. Our  Products will enable
you to manage your wealth and the Knowledge Centre will give you information and views on the economy, market and stocks. I hope that this website will be some use to you and also bring us closer to each other for mutual benefit.- P N Vijay
Where the skill and energy of the new aspirational generation blend with the experience and values of the old one to provide a world class wealth management services for your benefit
Knowledge about Portfolio Management and Stock market
A readable and irreverential tour-de-force of the week's happenings in Politics, Economics and Markets written by Mr. Vijay.
Money Portfolio
A wrap up of the main trends in the Indian stock market done daily by our in house experts.
Portfolio Management
Recommendations of good growth stocks for retail investors to take advantage.
Mutual Fund Advice
Analysis of leading Mutual Funds and New Fund Offerings.
Portfolio Manager
Analysis of IPOs that are to hit the market in the near future.
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